Insurance Claims Support

Specialists in environmental claims evaluation across the US

Our expertise with environmental insurance claims spans nearly a decade covering historic Comprehensive General Liability (CGL), Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL), Contractor Pollution Liability, Cleanup Cost Cap, and Professional Liability policies.  We have participated in evaluation and resolution of hundreds of claims across the US from home heating oil spills, drycleaner sites, and roadside vehicular spills to Superfund Mega Sites involving abandoned mine lands, landfills and contaminated sediment sites.  We have supported small regional, mid-size, and international insurance companies with claims analysis in more than 30 states in the country.  We are fluent in the regulatory requirements and technical guidance related to environmental investigation and cleanup in numerous states.

We provide the following expertise to our insurance clients:

Desk-Top Claim Analysis

In the early stages of a claim, for minimal cost, we conduct research into the technical and regulatory background of the project, and provide rapid turn-around low-cost evaluation of issues related to claim documentation.  The insurer is provided with the necessary tools and an effective framework to ask questions of and request the proper information from the policyholder in order to evaluate the claim.

Ongoing Claim Monitoring & Analysis

Our experts provide technical and regulatory review and monitoring of the site investigation and cleanup that is being performed by the policyholder’s consultant.  We offer valuable input on strategies for site closure, optimization of investigation and remediation plans, regulatory negotiation tactics, and analysis of environmental contamination and risk management.  Our oversight ensures that the insured has a clear and well documented road-map for moving towards site closure and is being efficient and cost-effective during the cleanup process.

Cost Audits and Forecasting

As part of the our claim services, we review the reasonableness and necessity of ongoing expenses, support categorization of defense v. indemnity costs, help track policy limit exhaustion, and develop projections of future costs for the insurer’s internal purposes as well as for possible settlement purposes with the policyholder.

Negotiations and Settlement Support

We participate in settlement negotiations and alternative dispute resolutions including mediations and arbitrations.  We prepare custom reports to support in-house management analyses and claim handling decisions.

Insurance Coverage Litigation Support

As part of coverage litigation, our experts provide opinions related to timing of damage, nature of releases, state of industry knowledge, categorization of costs, and reasonableness of claimed costs.  In addition, we are often retained as consulting experts to develop technical litigation strategies, assess the strength and weaknesses of various coverage defenses, and help identify subject matter expert witnesses to help our clients be successful in their legal challenges and motions.

Claim Data Analysis & Monitoring

For environmental and other toxic tort claims, our experts support the claims professional with claimant data analysis, policy limit exhaustion tracking, and exposure forecasting.

Litigation Support

Our experts are retained by counsel representing parties involved in environmental litigation to provide expert testimony and consulting services.   When retained as non-testifying consulting experts, we help develop technical strategies during early phases of the litigation process.  Veritas’ experts play an important role in litigation management by scrutinizing the technical strengths and weaknesses of the case and helping counsel make effective and informed decisions regarding litigation and settlement strategies.  Veritas also provides expert testimony on subjects related to the timing of contamination, nature of releases, compliance with the NCP, reasonableness of damages, and allocation of liability.

Our technical expertise is integrated into the client’s litigation strategy to help resolve disputes based on sound science and well-supported cost and allocation methodologies.  We have helped structure logical and balanced settlements in numerous mediations.

Waste Management Consulting

Veritas’ technical staff utilize years of industry experience managing multiple solid waste facilities to provide municipalities and private industry with consulting services in the areas of waste management compliance, optimization of operations, long-term planning, and overall solid waste program evaluation.  We help our clients ensure that permits are properly developed and integrated into daily facility operations.  By reviewing the current facility operations, Veritas provides insight and recommendations on operational and management efficiencies.  Veritas combines  practical experience with creative engineering ideas to develop long-term strategic management plans that result in more reliable financial forecasts and better integration of multiple operational components.